#Resortist here...I am SO excited to introduce you to Kini Bands...The luxury hair accessory brand, now available at Seagrass Boutique!  Kini Bands are hair ties and headbands that are handmade by the sea in California, from swimwear material and are perfect for the yoga, beach, swim, and sun lover in all of us!  Each style is functional, fashionable, and made to easily wear, wash, and love.

"Wear them as a reminder of the beach, no matter where in the world life takes you".



In love with life and the beach, the Kini Bands lover spends her days soaking up rays of sunshine. Each day takes her to unexpected places, jet-setting to tropical islands, swimming in clear ocean waves. In these moments, as she takes aboard onto luxurious adventures, time seems to stop. And even when life calls her away from the sun, surf and sand, she keeps a piece of her bikini with her always.

Kini Bands were discovered by Joanna, when she was playing around with extra material from her swimwear line, Kinsman Swim and used the strings to make bracelets, and the cord ends to cover the knot. She soon realized these made excellent hair ties, and the collection ensued and became its own line of accessories called Kini Bands.


I learned to design from the small town in Maine I grew up in. My mom had been a seamstress to a designer before I was born, and from an early age, I became fascinated with colors, prints, textures and construction of garments and jewelry from virtually nothing. 

My parents were business owners themselves. and studied entrepreneurship at the University of New Hampshire where I was a college athlete.

Shortly after school, California began calling my name. I founded Kini Bands™ while living in Los Angeles. As a result of turning the extra materials from my swimwear line, Kinsman Swim. I wore them as colorful bracelets as a reminder to keep focused on the big goals I had, and still do have.

Years later, after having moved to San Diego, I finally realized in a pinch that these bands also made perfect hair ties. And so the collection of hair ties from swim material ensued.

My passion lies in designing swimwear, putting on runway shows at LA Fashion Week, creating new hair accessories, travel, cooking, fashion, creating, running, the beach, and consulting with aspiring business owners to inspire others to bring their ideas to life.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out Kini Bands and learn more about where they came from.


Come check it out NOW, exclusive at Seagrass Boutique ;-)

#Resortist here...A "MUST" have for Summer 2016, is a Vagabond Round Towel. With (8) amazing and colorful styles to choose from, elegant fringe, 59" round towel (w/o the fringe) & 100% terry velour....its 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!  Below, you will find out all about the company, their vision, and their desire to give back!  
Vagabond is a luxury bohemian beach and lifestyle brand for the free spirit in all of us. Some describe a Vagabond as a wanderer or one without a permanent home. To us, being a Vagabond is about finding your home in the moment. It's about exploring nature, getting lost in laughter, and a thirst for adventure and travel. Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and because of this, we are closer than we could be otherwise. Our vision of enjoying life and living free also includes donating to charities that will help our environment, which is something that all of us feel strongly about.
Our products are designed from scratch using inspiration from the goal of accentuating the beauty of the culture and environment that surrounds you wherever you may be. Our bright colors are a celebration of nature and life. The concepts come from designers around the world with many sources for their inspiration. From the red rocks of Arizona, to the amazing full color spectrum of Iceland, our products try to draw the best parts out of everything we see.
We are a group of individuals who share a love of nature, a goal of helping to protect our beaches and mountains, and a desire to give back. We have the privilege of being able to work with many great people throughout the world who share our vision of keeping our planet beautiful for generations. In this spirit, we are proud to donate 10% of our proceeds to charities that support these causes.

#Resortist here...We are super excited to announce that we now carry an amazing handmade jewelry line... Hardt Jewelry.  Below, you will find out a little more about the company, the cause, and the designer.  Also, we are planning a true "Launch" and trunk show with the designer herself!! Stay tuned...Details to come :) 


Blending fashion with purpose, Hardt Jewelry donates up to 10% of proceeds from our collections to non-profit partners, who share in our mission to live authentically, with love and kindness in our hearts.  Our signature Equal Hardt Collection, aims to raise awareness and promote acceptance for equal rights.  The jewelry is a stylish symbol of support, pride, and a reminder that we are all equal.  


(Copy & Paste above link in browser to view designers video)


Raising Awareness - Healthcare & Therapy for LGBTQ Youth - Family & Group Counseling - Community Partnerships for Racial Justice & Social Change - Housing & Supportive Services for Homeless Youth - Animal Rescue & Foster - Based Services (Hardt Prints Collection)



After spending 10 years in the corporate jewelry industry, Anne craved the freedom to explore ideas she was truly passionate about. She decided to move beyond the comforts of large design teams and world travels to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, in which HARDT JEWELRY™ was created.

Anne uses jewelry as an outlet for expression of her style, thoughts, and beliefs. She seeks out pieces she can truly connect to – something that illustrates her personal story, her values, and her heart. This passion carries throughout her designs and allows her jewelry to speak to those who wear each piece.

In creating the designs for HARDT JEWELRY™, Anne is able to craft something stylish, yet purposeful. She envisions her collections as fashion-meets-philanthropy, with the goal of creating a dialogue while promoting tolerance and respect for all people.

Anne is a native Minnesotan and currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Stop in Seagrass Boutique to shop collection now and for more information on the company and designer, please visit www.hart-jewelry.com



#Resortist here.... Seagrass Boutique is ready to help you prepare for the summer by offering a 25% discount for the entire month of May on ALL Johnny Was styles!!! That includes Johnny Was, JWLA, BIYA, 4 Love & Liberty, 3J Workshop and Pete & Greta.

Since its inception in 1987, JOHNNY WAS has been embraced by free-spirited and confident women who are drawn to the brand's unique signature aesthetic: a juxtaposition between vintage and modern, reserved and unrestrained, traditional and innovative. Inspired by world cultures, the arts, and historical dressmaker techniques, the JOHNNY WAS brand transcends fashion trends with its beautifully crafted clothing and accessories. Embracing the quintessential California lifestyle, JOHNNY WAS appeals to the modern bohemian.

I have been an avid fan of the brand for many years now and as summer starts to heat up, there is nothing better than throwing on one of their silk dresses or an embellished tunic blouses and instantly feeling the gorgeous comfort that embraces your body.  With details of embroidery, luxurious silk and mix matched patterns beautifully pieced together, can you think of anything better?  One friendly piece of advice though...be prepared to be stopped by everyone!  

One more thing... a pair of printed pants is the perfect way to add some pattern and color to your wardrobe. The best pairs of printed pants can be dressed up or down – I am all about  relaxed fit printed pants in flowy, breathable fabrics like Cupra or silk. When you can feel like you’re wearing pajama pants, but look like a million bucks, what’s not to love?


Benjamin Jay....

April 30, 2016

#Resortist here. So as we end April I MUST tell you about a new clothing line that I am absolutely obsessed with!! Benjamin Jay. Benjamin Jay is an amazing all made in the USA line with an edgy, elevated street style. The Miami based line is known for its cool vibe and super soft comfy, wearable pieces. The shredded tees and wax-coated garments take this line to the next level of urban-chic.

As you are starting to find out, I am all about finding new emerging designers that have a great eye for style, excellent production and amazing fabrics. Benjamin Jay was instant love at first sight! The fashion-forward designs and fantastic workmanship is what made me notice the line. There are waxed leggings, shredded T's, hand dyed flutter shorts and gorgeous chic dresses. These styles can be dressed up or down and the fabric is like butter!!! Slip on a Benjamin Jay top or dress and you will be an instant convert.

Come check it out NOW, exclusive at Seagrass Boutique ;-)


#Resortist here....

April 26, 2016

So we have all seen the hashtag in the last few weeks, but what does #Resortist actually mean?  Why are these silly boys putting this hashtag with all of their pictures you ask?  Well I am here to tell you who I am and what #Resort is all about ;-)  

#Resortist is a pseudo persona that represents the luxurious Bohemian lifestyle brand for the free spirit in all of us. She is a woman who understands her own individual lifestyle while demanding overall comfort. This "fashionista" wants to know what is "hot", what is "in demand" and loves to share her finding with her friends.

Throughout the months, I will report on things I am "obsessed" with.  Clothing, Jewelry, Handbags, Sunglasses, Candles, Art, Animals, Music...you name it, I will report about it!  Not only will I report it, but I will tell you why I love it, who else love it, and why YOU need to love it ;-)




Seagrass Launch Announcement

February 19, 2016

Envisioned by partners Kevin Heck & Justin Adams, Seagrass Boutique, opening in March on Shore Road in Linwood, brings a fresh, exciting and exclusive style to the Jersey Shore. Elaborating on the boutiques’ mission statement, partner Kevin Heck shares, “We want to give women a selection that embraces luxury and elegance while feeling relaxed and comfortable.”

All items in the boutique have been hand selected to offer an assortment of clothing that is not only unique and of the highest quality, but bold, versatile, feminine and edgy.  Each designer featured at Seagrass is fresh and original to the Jersey Shore, bringing both new arrivals and mini-capsule collections in conjunction with an intriguing trend table that showcases today’s “Can’t Live Without” styles, as well as “Up to the Moment” jewelry & accessories.

Always on top of current digital trends, partner Justin Adams is the team’s hands-on social media guru and has been cultivating an online persona dedicated to expressing his fashion vision. “#Resortist is a pseudo persona that represents the luxurious Bohemian lifestyle brand for the free spirit in all of us.  She is a woman who understands her own individual lifestyle while demanding overall comfort.  This “fashionista” wants to know what is hot, in demand and loves to share her findings with her friends.”

Together, Kevin Heck & Justin Adams bring over 20 year of retail experience across 3 different metropolitan cities.  This experience, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for fashion styling, gave way for Seagrass Boutique to become a reality they now call home…The Jersey Shore.

After years of planning and work, the vision is finally ready to share.  The official opening date for Seagrass Boutique is set for March 21, 2016.  A grand opening party is scheduled a few days later on March 24th from 7-9 pm, featuring prizes, champagne, hors-d’oeuvres and store-wide friends and family discounts.