KIMDER - Handmade With Mad Love!!

October 04, 2016

Whether you are a free spirit, a woman that embraces luxury and elegance, a present-day bohemian or prefer simplicity at its finest, our collection of fashions allows you to make a statement and to be comfortable, all at one time.

#Resortist here....Lets take a minute to tell you about one of our newest (and hottest!) handbag lines, exclusive at Seagrass Boutique!  KIMDER -to invoke the inner rocker vibes and effortless confidence in every woman carrying a KIMDER -live wild and free.

KIMDER Handbags are a day to night luxury accessory for every closet. Mixing clean, classic silhouettes with a luxe, industrial edge, KIMDER handbags are created for every woman that lives the fast-paced life. KIMDER Handbags will take you from day to play!



About the Designer:

Kimberley Der grew up immersing herself in the world of Art and Design. Discovering at an early age that she was an artist of all mediums, Kimberley explored painting, sculpture, architecture and fashion. During her teens, Kimberley found her true calling – handbags. Since then, her love has never wavered and her obsession grew.

In 2012, KIMDER Handbags launched its collection of ‘day to night’ handbags. Each bag is inspired and named after the most influential women in Kimberley’s life.  Business + Passion = HANDBAGS

About the Bags:

Every season, Kimberley travels to New York to source her leathers, anticipating the upcoming collection with new colours, textures and finishes. For the past few seasons, Kimberley has been drawn to Italian shrunken lambskin, where it’s soft and heavily textured characteristics have become the foundation of each KIMDER handbag. The signature element of KIMDER handbags are in the details – hand studded metallic hardware carefully placed on each bag.

KIMDER Handbags is proud to use materials sourced from vendors all around North America.

Please Note: KIMDER is a small leather goods company and everything is made in house therefore stock / colours are limited so . . . Shop Fast! :)  All our hides have unique characteristics, not flaws. These characteristics will differ from each bag which makes your bag that much more special.

Every Bag is made with MAD LOVE! XXKD  #DERworld