The House of Perna - Designer Beach Bags

June 07, 2016

Whether you are a free spirit, a woman that embraces luxury and elegance, a present-day bohemian or prefer simplicity at its finest, our collection of fashions allows you to make a statement and to be comfortable, all at one time.

#Resortist here...Looking to stand out this summer?  Need that perfect bag for the beach?  Well let me tell you ALL about the exclusive capsule collection of the House of Perna beach bags at Seagrass Boutique!!  End of June, Seagrass Boutique will be launching a one time sold out collection of handmade designer beach bags from fashion designer, Amanda Perna.  Name sounds familiar?  Well that is because Amanda Perna was on Project Runway season 9 and then asked back on season 14!!  The House of Perna's hallmarks are all about bright colors, distinct prints, structural silhouettes and playful elegance.  The House of Perna brand stands for strong values, meticulous garment/accessory construction, high quality fabrics and materials and 100% made in America pride.  Excited yet?!?

All bags are Artisan Handcrafted in Morocco and showcase amazing details of leather, metallic and sequin embellishments, multihued tassels, fully lined with a drawstring closure and made of 100% handwoven palm leaf!  Below, catch a sneak peek of these hand chosen styles.   


The House of Perna - (made in the U.S.A.)
The House of Perna was built to create clothing to enhance the beauty of the woman who wears it. We strive to help her stand out in a crowd, and exude her natural inner light.

We believe that fashion is the highest form of self-expression, and we want to help the women of the world put their most fashionable foot forward.

We create clothes for the woman who is trend conscious without being overly trendy. We know her style is constantly evolving, and want to be sure we provide her with what she needs in her fashion evolution.

We believe in making high quality, luxurious American made clothing. We are fully committed to bringing production back to The United States.

We want the world to see that America still has what it takes to create beautiful clothing on our own soil, and help the people in our country find jobs.

We feel that it is imperative to not just follow trends, but create a look that is our own. We value the fundamentals of design, and believe it is our duty to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, and visually stimulating. Color, texture, and attention to detail are taken very seriously at The House of Perna, and we promise to always stay true to our values.

We believe in giving back to those in need, and helping future generations to follow their dreams, realize their potential and never give up.
The Designer
Amanda Perna began experimenting with fashion as a child, learning the fundamentals of pattern, texture and color as she explored her burgeoning personality in the sweltering heat of Florida summers. She found that her creative identity was best expressed through the bright and bold; glitter and neon spray paint were the start. As she grew, Amanda began to understand that fashion could be an outlet to express, in abstract, the complex nature of the vast range of emotions that come with a life lived.

Growing up in theatre, Amanda noticed that often it was the costume that helped find the character inside of it. She realized this extended outside the world of performance and into reality; clothing and personality are intrinsically linked. A psychology major at the University of Alabama, Amanda enrolled in a sewing class on a whim. This reawakened her childhood passion and she immediately switched paths, graduating with a degree in Apparel Design.

She jumped out of her comfort zone and made her way to New York, finding her first atelier experiences with Oscar de la Renta. The energy was intoxicating. This experience was a masterclass in draping and combining elements to create beautifully feminine, timeless fashion. Next, Amanda looked to learn more of the world of corporate American fashion. She moved to Calvin Klein, where she designed dresses and learned to edit herself, refining her thoughts and creating beauty through the subtle.

Taking full advantage of her surroundings, Amanda decided to further her studies at one of the world's top fashion programs, taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After working under two of America's great fashion houses and studying at one of its top schools, Amanda felt more inspired than ever. Working through their perspectives and design aesthetics, Amanda had found her own and it was time to show it.

In 2012, she made a another bold move, leaving the safety of corporate fashion to launch The House of Perna, a brand dedicated to the bright and bold, the whimsical and the austere, a brand that combines her whimsical beach town roots with her structural New York fashion training, while never forgetting the simple elegance of her Southern education.

Every experience in life is an opportunity to learn, grow and find a new perspective. Throughout her career, Amanda has taken advantage of every chance to see the world from a new point of view; styling for individual and corporate clients, creating cards for Hallmark and appearing on two seasons of the hit TV series Project Runway are just a few examples. To Amanda, the beauty of life comes from making bold choices. The House of Perna is a celebration of this belief.

Amanda’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, "Because I Said So..." is an exploration of color, texture and shape, incorporating rich wools and modern three-dimensional fabrics with her trademark silks in structured but whimsical silhouettes.

The House of Perna aesthetically dances between flowing beach whimsy and structured city sophistication. Amanda's life experiences inform the paths the brand takes. And the people in her life help inform these experiences. Hence, the name The House of Perna; it takes a family to build a house.

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