RAEN Sunglasses - Handmade & Heartfelt

June 13, 2016

Whether you are a free spirit, a woman that embraces luxury and elegance, a present-day bohemian or prefer simplicity at its finest, our collection of fashions allows you to make a statement and to be comfortable, all at one time.

#Resortist here... Now that the sun is shining, summer has started and everyone has gotten their bodies ready for the beach (or like me, is still trying to), don't forget about those eyes! :) We all know that sunglasses are a great fashion accessory, but their most important job is to protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Some of the sun’s effects on the eyes include: Cataracts, Pterygium and Macular degeneration.  With that being said, I want to introduce you to the eyewear brand, RAEN, available exclusively at Seagrass Boutique.

RAEN is a classics-driven, boutique eyewear brand.  The designers  are determined to create only authentic, innovative optics that offer intrinsic value and timeless style.  RAEN products are inspired by their designers own adventures in life and hope to inspire yours, be they close to home or far from the shore.  

The Process: Each season, RAEN generates custom acetate combinations unique to the line.  Every RAEN frame is hand-finished and much of the cutting is hand-guided.  This means the difference between our high-end, hand-tooled frame vs. the cheap, injection mold frame is immediately evident, even to the untrained eye (or hand).  Each cut, each screw, each flourish is informed by our original vision with nothing lost to a generic assembly line.

The Lens: All RAEN models are outfitted with Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 Lenses for optimum visual comfort and complete eye protection.  Carl Zeiss is the global leader when it comes to the finest camera glass, precision microscope optics and more.  The CR-39 sun lenses in RAEN models have superior optical properties and material pureness.  They offer excellent quality of vision, subtle tints and are very light weight.

The Material: All RAEN styles are made with Zyl acetate.  Al acetate is a high quality material originating from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers - both renewable resources!!  The material's incredible color-fastness stems from the hue being embedded int he material rather than sprayed on.  It has become the standard medium used in high fashion frames in part because the color never peels, yellows or fades.  The result is a smooth, flawless product with the perfect weight.

Hypoallergenic: People with sensitive skin often experience allergic reactions to lower quality metals (e.g. nickel) and plastics found in common eyewear.  REAN's handmade acetate frames, stainless steel hardware and core wire are free of such materials.  Stainless steel is also durable, corrosion resistant and our five barrel hinges ensure that your eyewear's arms always swing smoothly.  No rash.  No trash.



The Nomi - takes cues from RAEN's popular women's frame, the Fairbanks, breathing new life into this round silhouette.  Naomi features thick, metal trimmed acetate circles and a unique temple construction.  Available in 4 stunning colors.  

Luxury Wig - Collaboration with Alex Knost.  Surfer, Musician, Designer.  The Luxury Wig collaboration features 3 styles in unique colors and finishes.  

-Flatscreen:  Modern luxury object.  Sleek, refined anonymity.  A Dorian grey gazes out his object still.

-Ashtray: Oblong plumes of smoke, a 1950's taboo skin rebuttal.  Sharkskin cat eye debut, the child of luggage.

-Figurative: Eternity on its side ruled by abundant shape form fitting a time of the ageless.  Measures in the wake of eights for him and you!



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