Vagabond Beach - Luxury Round Towels

May 31, 2016

Whether you are a free spirit, a woman that embraces luxury and elegance, a present-day bohemian or prefer simplicity at its finest, our collection of fashions allows you to make a statement and to be comfortable, all at one time.

#Resortist here...A "MUST" have for Summer 2016, is a Vagabond Round Towel. With (8) amazing and colorful styles to choose from, elegant fringe, 59" round towel (w/o the fringe) & 100% terry velour....its 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!  Below, you will find out all about the company, their vision, and their desire to give back!  
Vagabond is a luxury bohemian beach and lifestyle brand for the free spirit in all of us. Some describe a Vagabond as a wanderer or one without a permanent home. To us, being a Vagabond is about finding your home in the moment. It's about exploring nature, getting lost in laughter, and a thirst for adventure and travel. Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and because of this, we are closer than we could be otherwise. Our vision of enjoying life and living free also includes donating to charities that will help our environment, which is something that all of us feel strongly about.
Our products are designed from scratch using inspiration from the goal of accentuating the beauty of the culture and environment that surrounds you wherever you may be. Our bright colors are a celebration of nature and life. The concepts come from designers around the world with many sources for their inspiration. From the red rocks of Arizona, to the amazing full color spectrum of Iceland, our products try to draw the best parts out of everything we see.
We are a group of individuals who share a love of nature, a goal of helping to protect our beaches and mountains, and a desire to give back. We have the privilege of being able to work with many great people throughout the world who share our vision of keeping our planet beautiful for generations. In this spirit, we are proud to donate 10% of our proceeds to charities that support these causes.