Fill Your Room With Voluspa Fragrances From Seagrass Boutique

Shop for handmade Voluspa scented candles in Linwood & Ocean City, NJ

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than the comforting glow of candlelight. Stop by Seagrass Boutique in Linwood and Ocean City, New Jersey to shop our wide selection of handmade candles. You can fill your home or office with smells of fresh oleander, sweet honeysuckle, white tea lavender and more.

Find a favorite fragrance for every room

Find a favorite fragrance for every room

Enhance the atmosphere of any room with candles from Seagrass Boutique. With so many scents to choose from, you’re sure to find a Voluspa candle for every season and occasion. We carry:

  • Clean-burning candles made from coconut wax
  • Different styles of metallic, scented, embossed and decorative candles
  • Handmade candles ranging from $10 to $32
Wrapped in beautiful packaging, our candles are great gifts for friends and family!

Visit Seagrass Boutique in Linwood or Ocean City, NJ to browse our candle collection. Call 609-365-8899 to ask about specific fragrances or to order a candle as a gift.